Fault Tolerant Connections for Maximum Reliability

Custom Routing Solutions from Net2Atlanta

Reliable Internet

Even though T1 connections are generally reliable, they sometimes fail.  And while our DSL service is enhanced and optimized to perform at a business reliable level, there still may be occasional outages.  We monitor all of our customer connections, and initiate action when one fails.

But there are some customers who can't afford for their Internet connection to fail.  For these customers, we offer these fault tolerant solutions:

Atlanta Business DSL

Connection Types





10Mb Fiber with T1 or DSL Backup   Fast 10Mb x 10Mb
High reliability of fiber
Diverse path & telco equipment.
Fiber is homed to both of our POPs.
T1 or DSL homed to the other.
Rapid failover.
  Yes   Works best with single ISP

More costly than T1

Multi-Vendor T1 or Metro-E   Diverse upstream ISP's
Twice the bandwidth
Uses BGP4 - truly path and ISP independent.
Rapid Failover.
  Yes   Still depends on same telco wire bundle.
Requires BGP4, which requires that customer justify a full /24 address space of 255 ip addresses.
Security services must be based at customer site.
T1 with DSL Backup   Backup speed close to T1
Some additional bandwidth over T1
DSL uses entirely different telco equipment than T1
Our DSL head end is in downtown Atlanta, while the T1 head end is in Marietta.
  Yes   Depends upon same telco wire bundle.
Only works with single ISP
T1 or DSL with Satellite Backup   Diverse path with no telco equipment in common.
Cable cuts, power outages, C.O. problems bypassed by satellite.
  No   Satellite latency much greater than DSL or T1.  Unsuitable for VOIP.
Dynamic DNS 
w/cable or DSL
  Inexpensive monthly cost
Works with multiple ISPs
  No   Interrupts sessions
Moderately expensive equipment required, which we can provide.

 With the seamless options, client sessions continue through any outage without interruption.  Performance may change, but mail, VPN, web browsing, and remote terminal sessions will not be interrupted.

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