Remote Online Backup Service
Remote backup system for off-site data storage

Remote Backup Service

Confidence that your Data is Safely stored with Net2Atlanta's Off-Site Online Backup

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets.  Your data is at risk of loss due to hardware failures, disgruntled employees, fire, flood and other disasters.  Online backup is an important part of a disaster recovery plan.

Guard against data loss with our Online Remote Backup System

Benefits of Net2Atlanta's online backup system in Atlanta:

Simplicity - Your server will backup online through the Internet to our secure remote backup system.  We'll set it up and support you through backing up and restoring online.

Availability - Our online backup server is right here in Atlanta.  So, if your Internet can't move the 100GB of data that you need to restore because of a disaster, we can copy that data right to a portable drive for you and deliver it to you - within hours!

Security - Our online backup server is located in a locked cabinet on a secured floor in a SAS70 certified, controlled access building with the best connectivity in Atlanta - TelX's 56 Marietta street.  We have also taken a number of electronic countermeasures to ensure Internet security also.  Your offsite data is safe with us!

Capacity - Our current backup server is a 20TB model.  It can be expanded to 40TB.  Our bandwidth and connectivity are impressive.  Transit bandwidth comes from Sprint, Level3, Global Crossing and Cogent.  We are also directly connected to about 40 other entities and ISPs.  This means we have the bandwidth to handle a huge number of simultaneous online backups.

Support - With our remote backup software, it is easy to backup online.  But if you need support or assistance, we are right next to Atlanta in Marietta Georgia, not Bangalore. 

Aggressive Pricing - We charge less for our online backup service than the competition - between $.30 and $.40 per GB.

Backup Restore - Unlike some of our competition, restoring files from our system is simple!

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Online Backup from Net2Atlanta

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