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Tips:  Stop Spam and Avoid Spam Scams

10 Ways to avoid Spam Scams and stop spam:

  • Don't reply or click to be removed from a list unless you know the sender or list manager is reputable.  Spammers use this to verify your address.

  • Don't open obvious spam.  Smart spammers (and some are really smart) can verify your address just by seeing your mail client's request for a picture included in the message.
  • Don't get baited into revealing bank account or credit card information because of an e-mail requesting that you update your info.  If you receive a message (apparently) from Paypal, Ebay, Wells Fargo, or another banks that says you need to verify your information, it is probably a scam.
  • Don't fall for the Nigerian Scam.  There is nobody in Nigeria or anywhere else that needs your help to transfer money out of their country.  Neither is there anybody with your surname who died in testate with a large bank account that will be claimed by the government unless you claim it yourself.
  • Do not publish your e-mail address on chat rooms, Web BBS, or newsgroups.  Spammers have computer programs that search the web for e-mail addresses and harvest them for their lists.  Here's a neat experiment on e-mail address harvesting.
  • Likewise, do not publish your e-mail addresses on your web site.  Use a form instead, like this...
  • Do not forward chain e-mail.  A spammer may receive the list somewhere down the road.  Or, a subsequent generation of your mail, with your address still intact may reach a worm infected PC.
  • Use BCC instead of CC when you copy many people.  Encourage others to do the same.
  • Never, never, never buy anything from a spammer.  They wouldn't send spam if it didn't make money.
  • Use a multi-layered prevention system, such as the SpamDragon™ and your own anti-virus on your PC.

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