Reliable Business Internet
Reliable Business Internet for Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Kennesaw, Gainesville, and Decatur, Georgia business

Reliable Business Internet

Reliable Internet for Georgia Business

Net2Atlanta provides business Internet.  Businesses demand reliability.   Down mailservers, oversold network links, slow DSL, and the other problems that plague residential oriented ISPs are unacceptable to businesses.  Here are some of the things we've done to minimize service interruptions at our customer's sites:

Atlanta Business DSL

We own our own Network Operations Center near the Big Chicken.  Our backup generators run on natural gas out of the pipe.  So, it won't run out of diesel or gas during an extended power outage.  We also maintain rack space  at 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta.

Net2Atlanta is multi-homed to the Internet via diverse paths  with redundant links.  In our case, that means that one of our upstream providers are accessed via leased copper wires and the phone company.  But three others are accessed via underground fiber.  If a Bell Central Office has problems, the fiber still works.  If the fiber gets cut, the copper still works.  The fiber is also on a SONET ring.  That means that it takes two cuts in different places to kill the fiber connection!  Now that is fault tolerant!  And we have a second fiber network from AT&T to back up the AFS SONET ring.

We are extremely well connected to the Internet.  Currently, our upstream providers are Sprint, Level3, Global Crossing and Cogent.  And, we are peered at AtlantaIX to a number of other ISPs big and small, including Earthlink, Akamai and the Georgia University System.

We use BGP4.  Border Gateway Protocol is what all the big ISPs use to advertise their networks over multiple links and make them fault tolerant.  If a link goes down, the packets find another path automatically.  So, if a link dies between us and our upstream providers or anywhere on the Internet,  your traffic still gets through!  Some of our customers are also multi-homed with BGP4.

Of course, we monitor all of our main links as well as every one of our dedicated T1 and DSL customers to make sure they are always on.  And we make the call if they go down... often before the customer even knows they're down.  We also look for hacker activity.

We can set up our customers with redundant links also by combining Fiber, Fixed Wireless, T1, DSL and ISDN failover systems.  For more fault tolerance, we can connect a customer to both of our locations so that a disaster at either will not take the customer down.  Read more about this

We are also a computer repair organization, so we stock parts and spares to replace or repair any failures in our equipment or our customer's rapidly.  We have at least one plug replaceable spare for every computer, router and switch on our network.

The result of all this effort is a highly reliable, proactive system and satisfied customers.

Sure, all this sounds obvious.  Any responsible person would do the same.  Then why don't all of our competitors do this too?

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