Effective e-mail spam filter by an Atlanta ISP.  Stop spam with our SpamDragon spam filter system. Works with Exchange & Groupwise

Net2Atlanta - Atlanta ISP provides enterprise spam filtering.

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The SpamDragon™ is Net2Atlanta's anti-spam mail system.  It filters around 99% of incoming spam so you read what's important.
We're all tired of spam...  Spam costs your company in so many ways including lost productivity, wasted drive space, processor power and bandwidth.  A couple of years ago, e-mail was the Internet function most valued by business.  Now, spam threatens to make e-mail useless.  A good spam filter is needed.

Net2Atlanta can help!

Our SpamDragon™ is an optional spam filter service that filters out spam, viruses and worms at the ISP level.  It works even if you host your own e-mail server.  And, it stops 98% of UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail).  Why is is it so effective at blocking spam?  Because we run incoming e-mail through a gauntlet of 5 filters:

SpamDragon - effective spam filtering - Stop Spam!
The SpamDragon™ is even more effective because it gets fed so well!  ISP level filtering means that the SpamDragon™ has more samples to work with, making it far more effective at blocking spam than a single user or company level spam filter.  The text filter actually consists of three in-line filters- a Baysian Spam Filter, a Heuristic Spam Filter, and a keyword filter.  Baysian filters learn and adapt.  The Heuristic spam filter recognizes patterns.  And we update the keyword filter constantly.  The result is a spam filter that works for you!

This is even more valuable to companies with their own mail servers.  By filtering spam at the ISP level, spammers aren't able to steal your bandwidth, drive space and processor power.  And, spam is theft!

SpamDragon™ - The Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Time Wasting Service!

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It only takes a few minutes to set your domain up for SpamDragon™ spam filtering.

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The best spam blocker.  Filter Exchange Server 2000 spam free, filter Groupwise, block spam for everyone!

Reasons to use Net2Atlanta's SpamDragon™ Spam Filter:

  • Spam wastes company time.  People have more productive things to do than wade through a spam filled mailbox.
  • Porn spam may open your company to legal liability.
  • Spam may carry viruses & worms.  SpamDragon™ filters out illegitimate mail AND scans for virus... before it reaches your server.
  • Filtering at the ISP level saves your bandwidth and disk space and stops spam before it enters your pipeline.
  • SpamDragon™ blocks spam with a 5 layer process.
  • ISP level filtering means more samples of keywords and a more effective spam blocker.
  • We have implemented SPF and so should you.  We can help.
  • SpamDragon™ can be set to allow certain addresses if a desired sender is grouped with spammers
  • We maintain SpamDragon™ so you don't waste your time maintaining lists or looking through suspected spam.
  • SpamDragon™ works with your mail-server or ours.  It's platform independent & works with MS Exchange and any other mail-server.
  • Spam is only getting worse.
  • Spammers use your bandwidth, drive space and time against your will.  Spam is theft!


Here is a graph of how busy our spam filter has been over the last 1.5 days.

Spam is theft!
Stop the thieves!

Spam Messages blocked in spams/hour

--- Blocked by ip blacklist      --- Blocked by content filter & SPF

Spam in the News:

Study: 80% of spam now comes from infected PCs.